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London Wings

London Wings is a prominent English language training institute that offers a number of intensive yet exciting programs. The academy has consistently worked to upgrade its content and provide wholesome guidance to its students. We continuously strive to innovate and improvise teaching methodologies that assist students in test preparation.

Our vision is to propel our students to learn language skills efficiently. A systematic approach of inducting, preparing, and practicing with a trained instructor assists them in cracking an exam and communicate in English in day to day life.

30 Students
4 Courses

About Us

London Wings specializes in training on IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and Spoken English courses. Even though London Wings is popularly its known as the leading IELTS institute in Mullanpur , with a number of professional associations and corporate training programs, we deliver a great value propositions to students and professionals by providing them English language classes .

This institute claims to have an 8 years experience in training students for IELTS and Spoken English courses in Mullanpur and perhaps one of the best ielts insitute in India delivering topnotch coaching and training. We are the pioneers of Leadership training in Punjab and stand out in our field having a very good reputation in the business of English and thats why considered as best IELTS institute in Mullanpur & Punjab . Our staff members are professionally trained faculty by The British Council and IDP and Top Leadership training companies in India .

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